Welcome to a magical world of chocolate, of heavenly aromas, tantalizing tastes, and unbridled delight…

Inhale the redolence. 

The joy & smooth sweetness is yours for the taking…


Chocolove offers sweet tastes & deluxe gifts for every event, holiday & special occasion.  Breathtaking mishloach manos, spectacular arrangements for your chosson or kallah, bar/bat mitzvah & newborn gifts, corporate events & much, much more…

With years of experiencing servicing clients in the professional and private sector, Chocolove’s creative designs are custom-made for your affair and need, be it a tribute to a donor or decorative addition to your hotel buffet.

Celebrating a wedding, bar/bat mitzvah, bris, kiddush, or birthday?  Chocolove’s courteous, talented designers will gladly help you select and create the perfect arrangement with mouthwatering chocolates, petit fours, fruit platters, and gifts to be cherished!

Attention company owners, administrators, and business managers!

Pamper your employees or clients with a sweet treat by Chocolove. Ask about our corporate specials!

Deluxe quality. Superior service.


Sweeten your day with a dazzling gift by Chocolove.

Choose from Chocolove’s abundant selection of fine China & flatware, crystal vases & dishes, napkin rings, tablecloths & cloth napkins, & spectacular flower arrangements.

Our Newborn section features a cheerful array of baby gifts, super-soft blankets, fuzzy teddy bears, scented soaps, pacifier holders and a designer infant wardrobe.

Our specialty is the world-famous Chocolove chocolates with our mouthwatering array of truffles & Belgian chocolates, all with the finest hechsher and kosher-for-Pesach certification.

Kosher L’Mehadrin

All Chocolove chocolates are under the mehudar kashrus certification of:

Machzikei Hadas—Antwerp

Harav Westheim—Manchester


Badatz Eidah Hacharedis—Yerushalayim

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